PointHit< Point > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PointHit< Point >, including all inherited members.

distance() constPointHit< Point >inline
eligibleMiss() constPointHit< Point >inline
hit() constPointHit< Point >inline
hitPoint() constPointHit< Point >inline
missPoint() constPointHit< Point >inline
operator(Ostream &os, const PointHit< Point > &b)PointHit< Point >friend
PointHit()PointHit< Point >inline
PointHit(const bool hit, const Point &p, const scalar dist, const bool eligibleMiss)PointHit< Point >inline
PointHit(const Point &p)PointHit< Point >inline
rawPoint() constPointHit< Point >inline
setDistance(const scalar d)PointHit< Point >inline
setHit()PointHit< Point >inline
setMiss(const bool eligible)PointHit< Point >inline
setPoint(const Point &p)PointHit< Point >inline