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1 const volScalarField& psi = thermo.psi();
2 const volScalarField& T = thermo.T();
3 regionModels::surfaceFilmModel& surfaceFilm = tsurfaceFilm();
4 const label inertIndex(composition.species()[inertSpecie]);
intWM_LABEL_SIZE_t label
A label is an int32_t or int64_t as specified by the pre-processor macro WM_LABEL_SIZE.
Definition: label.H:59
basicSpecieMixture & composition
rhoReactionThermo & thermo
Definition: createFields.H:28
GeometricField< scalar, fvPatchField, volMesh > volScalarField
Definition: volFieldsFwd.H:52
Info<< "\Constructing surface film model"<< endl;autoPtr< regionModels::surfaceFilmModel > tsurfaceFilm(regionModels::surfaceFilmModel::New(mesh, g))
const volScalarField & psi
const label inertIndex(composition.species()[inertSpecie])
const word inertSpecie(thermo.lookup("inertSpecie"))