autoPtr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for autoPtr< T >, including all inherited members.

autoPtr(T *=nullptr)autoPtr< T >inlineexplicit
autoPtr(const autoPtr< T > &)autoPtr< T >inline
autoPtr(const autoPtr< T > &, const bool reuse)autoPtr< T >inline
clear()autoPtr< T >inline
empty() constautoPtr< T >inline
operator const T &() constautoPtr< T >inline
operator()()autoPtr< T >inline
operator()() constautoPtr< T >inline
operator*()autoPtr< T >inline
operator*() constautoPtr< T >inline
operator->()autoPtr< T >inline
operator->() constautoPtr< T >inline
operator=(T *)autoPtr< T >inline
operator=(const autoPtr< T > &)autoPtr< T >inline
ptr()autoPtr< T >inline
reset(T *=nullptr)autoPtr< T >inline
set(T *)autoPtr< T >inline
Type typedefautoPtr< T >
valid() constautoPtr< T >inline
~autoPtr()autoPtr< T >inline