OneConstant< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for OneConstant< Type >, including all inherited members.

clone() constOneConstant< Type >inlinevirtual
convertTimeBase(const Time &t)Function1< Type >virtual
count() constrefCountinline
dictFunction1< Type >
dictFunction1< Type >
dictionaryFunction1< Type >
entryNameFunction1< Type >
entryNameFunction1< Type >
Function1Function1< Type >
Function1(const word &entryName)Function1< Type >
Function1(const Function1< Type > &f1)Function1< Type >
integrate(const scalar x1, const scalar x2) constOneConstant< Type >inlinevirtual
integrate(const scalarField &x1, const scalarField &x2) constOneConstant< Type >virtual
name() constFunction1< Type >
name_Function1< Type >protected
New(const word &entryName, const dictionary &dict)Function1< Type >static
OneConstant(const word &entryName)OneConstant< Type >
OneConstant(const word &entryName, const dictionary &dict)OneConstant< Type >
operator=(const OneConstant< Type > &)=deleteOneConstant< Type >
Foam::Function1::operator=(const Function1< Type > &)=deleteFunction1< Type >
returnType typedefFunction1< Type >
TypeName("one")OneConstant< Type >
Foam::Function1::TypeName("Function1") declareRunTimeSelectionTable(autoPtrFunction1< Type >
unique() constrefCountinline
value(const scalar) constOneConstant< Type >inlinevirtual
value(const scalarField &x) constOneConstant< Type >virtual
writeData(Ostream &os) constOneConstant< Type >virtual
~Function1()Function1< Type >virtual
~OneConstant()OneConstant< Type >virtual