TroeFallOffFunction Member List

This is the complete list of members for TroeFallOffFunction, including all inherited members.

ddc(const scalar Pr, const scalar F, const scalar dPrdc, const scalar T) constTroeFallOffFunctioninline
ddT(const scalar Pr, const scalar F, const scalar dPrdT, const scalar T) constTroeFallOffFunctioninline
operator()(const scalar T, const scalar Pr) constTroeFallOffFunctioninline
operator<<(Ostream &, const TroeFallOffFunction &)TroeFallOffFunctionfriend
TroeFallOffFunction(const scalar alpha, const scalar Tsss, const scalar Ts, const scalar Tss)TroeFallOffFunctioninline
TroeFallOffFunction(const dictionary &dict)TroeFallOffFunctioninline
write(Ostream &os) constTroeFallOffFunctioninline