CSV< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CSV< Type >, including all inherited members.

boundsHandling enum nameTableBase< Type >
boundsHandling_TableBase< Type >protected
boundsHandlingToWord(const boundsHandling &bound) constTableBase< Type >
check() constTableBase< Type >
checkMaxBounds(const scalar x, scalar &xDash) constTableBase< Type >
checkMinBounds(const scalar x, scalar &xDash) constTableBase< Type >
CLAMP enum valueTableBase< Type >
clone() const =0Function1< Type >pure virtual
convertTimeBase(const Time &t)TableBase< Type >virtual
count() constrefCountinline
CSV(const word &entryName, const dictionary &dict)CSV< Type >
CSV(const CSV< Type > &tbl)CSV< Type >
currentIndices_TableBase< Type >mutableprotected
currentWeights_TableBase< Type >mutableprotected
dictFunction1< Type >
dictFunction1< Type >
dictionaryFunction1< Type >
entryNameFunction1< Type >
entryNameFunction1< Type >
ERROR enum valueTableBase< Type >
fName() constCSV< Type >virtual
Function1Function1< Type >
Function1(const word &entryName)Function1< Type >
Function1(const Function1< Type > &f1)Function1< Type >
integrate(const scalar x1, const scalar x2) constTableBase< Type >virtual
Foam::Function1::integrate(const scalarField &x1, const scalarField &x2) const =0Function1< Type >pure virtual
interpolationScheme_TableBase< Type >protected
interpolator() constTableBase< Type >protected
interpolatorPtr_TableBase< Type >mutableprotected
name() constFunction1< Type >
name_TableBase< Type >protected
New(const word &entryName, const dictionary &dict)Function1< Type >static
outOfBounds(const boundsHandling &bound)TableBase< Type >
REPEAT enum valueTableBase< Type >
returnType typedefFunction1< Type >
table_TableBase< Type >protected
TableBase(const word &name, const dictionary &dict)TableBase< Type >
TableBase(const TableBase< Type > &tbl)TableBase< Type >
tableSamplesPtr_TableBase< Type >mutableprotected
TypeName("csvFile")CSV< Type >
Foam::Function1Types::TableBase::TypeName("Function1") declareRunTimeSelectionTable(autoPtrFunction1< Type >
unique() constrefCountinline
value(const scalar x) constTableBase< Type >virtual
Foam::Function1::value(const scalarField &x) const =0Function1< Type >pure virtual
WARN enum valueTableBase< Type >
wordToBoundsHandling(const word &bound) constTableBase< Type >
writeData(Ostream &os) constCSV< Type >virtual
writeEntries(Ostream &os) constTableBase< Type >virtual
x() constTableBase< Type >virtual
y() constTableBase< Type >virtual
~CSV()CSV< Type >virtual
~Function1()Function1< Type >virtual
~TableBase()TableBase< Type >virtual