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fundamentalConstants.H File Reference

Fundamental dimensioned constants. More...

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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
 Collection of constants.
 Universal constants.
 Electromagnetic constants.
 Atomic constants.
 Physico-chemical constants.


const dimensionedScalar c
 Speed of light in a vacuum. More...
const dimensionedScalar G
 Newtonian constant of gravitation. More...
const dimensionedScalar h
 Planck constant. More...
const dimensionedScalar e
 Elementary charge. More...
const dimensionedScalar me
 Electron mass. More...
const dimensionedScalar mp
 Proton mass. More...
const dimensionedScalar mu
 Atomic mass unit. More...
const dimensionedScalar NA
 Avagadro number. More...
const dimensionedScalar k
 Boltzmann constant. More...
const dimensionedScalar Pstd
 Standard pressure. More...
const dimensionedScalar Tstd
 Standard temperature. More...

Detailed Description

Fundamental dimensioned constants.

Original source file fundamentalConstants.H

Definition in file fundamentalConstants.H.