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dimensionSets.H File Reference

Useful dimension sets. More...

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class  dimensionSets


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


dictionary & dimensionSystems ()
 Top level dictionary. More...
const HashTable< dimensionedScalar > & unitSet ()
 Set of all dimensions. More...
const dimensionSets & writeUnitSet ()
 Set of units. More...


const dimensionSet dimDensity
const dimensionSet dimForce
const dimensionSet dimEnergy
const dimensionSet dimPower
const dimensionSet dimVelocity
const dimensionSet dimAcceleration
const dimensionSet dimPressure
const dimensionSet dimCompressibility
const dimensionSet dimGasConstant
const dimensionSet dimViscosity
const dimensionSet dimDynamicViscosity

Detailed Description

Useful dimension sets.

Original source file dimensionSets.H

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