particle< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for particle< Type >, including all inherited members.

autoMap(const vector &position, const mapPolyMesh &mapper)particle< Type >
cell() constparticle< Type >inline
clone() constparticle< Type >inlinevirtual
constrainToMeshCentre()particle< Type >
coordinates() constparticle< Type >inline
correctAfterInteractionListReferral(const label celli)particle< Type >
correctAfterParallelTransfer(const label patchi, TrackData &td)particle< Type >
currentTetIndices() constparticle< Type >inline
currentTetTransform() constparticle< Type >inline
currentTimeFraction() constparticle< Type >inline
face() constparticle< Type >inline
getNewParticleID() constparticle< Type >inline
hitCyclicAMIPatch(const cyclicAMIPolyPatch &, TrackData &td, const vector &direction)particle< Type >protected
hitCyclicPatch(const cyclicPolyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitFace(TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitPatch(const polyPatch &, TrackData &td, const label patchi, const scalar trackFraction, const tetIndices &tetIs)particle< Type >protected
hitPatch(const polyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitProcessorPatch(const processorPolyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitSymmetryPatch(const symmetryPolyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitSymmetryPlanePatch(const symmetryPlanePolyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
hitWallPatch(const wallPolyPatch &, TrackData &td, const tetIndices &tetIs)particle< Type >protected
hitWedgePatch(const wedgePolyPatch &, TrackData &td)particle< Type >protected
mesh() constparticle< Type >inline
normal() constparticle< Type >inline
oldNormal() constparticle< Type >inline
onBoundaryFace() constparticle< Type >inline
onFace() constparticle< Type >inline
onInternalFace() constparticle< Type >inline
operator!=(const particle &pA, const particle &pB)particle< Type >friend
operator<<(Ostream &, const particle &)particle< Type >friend
operator==(const particle &pA, const particle &pB)particle< Type >friend
origId() constparticle< Type >inline
origId()particle< Type >inline
origProc() constparticle< Type >inline
origProc()particle< Type >inline
particle(const polyMesh &mesh, const barycentric &coordinates, const label celli, const label tetFacei, const label tetPti)particle< Type >
particle(const polyMesh &mesh, const vector &position, const label celli)particle< Type >
particle(const polyMesh &mesh, Istream &, bool readFields=true)particle< Type >
particle(const particle &p)particle< Type >
particle(const particle &p, const polyMesh &mesh)particle< Type >
particleCount_particle< Type >static
patch() constparticle< Type >inline
patchData(vector &n, vector &U) constparticle< Type >
position() constparticle< Type >inline
prepareForInteractionListReferral(const vectorTensorTransform &transform)particle< Type >
prepareForParallelTransfer(const label patchi, TrackData &td)particle< Type >
procTetPt(const polyMesh &procMesh, const label procCell, const label procTetFace) constparticle< Type >
propertyList()particle< Type >inlinestatic
propertyList_particle< Type >static
readFields(CloudType &c)particle< Type >static
stepFraction() constparticle< Type >inline
stepFraction()particle< Type >inline
stepFractionSpan() constparticle< Type >inline
tetFace() constparticle< Type >inline
tetPt() constparticle< Type >inline
track(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction)particle< Type >
trackToFace(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction)particle< Type >
trackToFace(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction, TrackData &td)particle< Type >
trackToMovingTri(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction, label &tetTriI)particle< Type >
trackToStationaryTri(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction, label &tetTriI)particle< Type >
trackToTri(const vector &displacement, const scalar fraction, label &tetTriI)particle< Type >
transformProperties(const tensor &T)particle< Type >virtual
transformProperties(const vector &separation)particle< Type >virtual
TypeName("particle")particle< Type >
wallImpactDistance(const vector &n) constparticle< Type >virtual
writeFields(const CloudType &c)particle< Type >static
writePosition(Ostream &) constparticle< Type >
~particle()particle< Type >inlinevirtual