IndirectList< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for IndirectList< T >, including all inherited members.

Foam::addressing() constIndirectListAddressinginlineprivate
Foam::UIndirectList::addressing() constUIndirectList< T >inline
completeList() constUIndirectList< T >inline
const_reference typedefUIndirectList< T >
difference_type typedefUIndirectList< T >
empty() constUIndirectList< T >inline
first()UIndirectList< T >inline
first() constUIndirectList< T >inline
IndirectList(const UList< T > &, const labelUList &)IndirectList< T >inline
IndirectList(const UList< T > &, const Xfer< List< label >> &)IndirectList< T >inline
IndirectList(const IndirectList< T > &)IndirectList< T >inline
IndirectList(const UIndirectList< T > &)IndirectList< T >inlineexplicit
IndirectListAddressing(const labelUList &addr)IndirectListAddressinginlineexplicitprivate
IndirectListAddressing(const Xfer< List< label >> &addr)IndirectListAddressinginlineexplicitprivate
last()UIndirectList< T >inline
last() constUIndirectList< T >inline
operator()() constUIndirectList< T >inline
Foam::UIndirectList::operator=(const UList< T > &)UIndirectList< T >inline
Foam::UIndirectList::operator=(const T &)UIndirectList< T >inline
operator[](const label)UIndirectList< T >inline
operator[](const label) constUIndirectList< T >inline
reference typedefUIndirectList< T >
resetAddressing(const labelUList &)IndirectListAddressinginlineprivate
resetAddressing(const Xfer< List< label >> &)IndirectListAddressinginlineprivate
size() constUIndirectList< T >inline
size_type typedefUIndirectList< T >
UIndirectList(const UList< T > &, const labelUList &)UIndirectList< T >inline
value_type typedefUIndirectList< T >