fireFoam Directory Reference
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file  createClouds.H [code]
file  createFields.H [code]
file  createPyrolysisModel.H [code]
file  createSurfaceFilmModel.H [code]
file  fireFoam.C [code]
 Transient PIMPLE solver for Fires and turbulent diffusion flames with reacting Lagrangian parcels, surface film and pyrolysis modelling.
file  pEqn.H [code]
file  readPyrolysisTimeControls.H [code]
file  rhoEqn.H [code]
 Solve the continuity for density.
file  setMultiRegionDeltaT.H [code]
 Reset the timestep to maintain a constant maximum Courant numbers. Reduction of time-step is immediate, but increase is damped to avoid unstable oscillations.
file  solidRegionDiffusionNo.H [code]
file  UEqn.H [code]
file  YEEqn.H [code]