interFoam Directory Reference
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directory  interDyMFoam
directory  interMixingFoam


file  alphaCourantNo.H [code]
 Calculates and outputs the mean and maximum Courant Numbers.
file  alphaEqn.H [code]
file  alphaEqnSubCycle.H [code]
file  correctPhi.H [code]
file  createFields.H [code]
file  interFoam.C [code]
 Solver for 2 incompressible, isothermal immiscible fluids using a VOF (volume of fluid) phase-fraction based interface capturing approach.
file  pEqn.H [code]
file  setDeltaT.H [code]
 Reset the timestep to maintain a constant maximum courant Number. Reduction of time-step is immediate, but increase is damped to avoid unstable oscillations.
file  setRDeltaT.H [code]
file  UEqn.H [code]