PairModel< CloudType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PairModel< CloudType >, including all inherited members.

coeffDict() const PairModel< CloudType >
controlsTimestep() const =0PairModel< CloudType >pure virtual
declareRunTimeSelectionTable(autoPtr, PairModel, dictionary,( const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner ),(dict, owner))PairModel< CloudType >
dict() const PairModel< CloudType >
evaluatePair(typename CloudType::parcelType &pA, typename CloudType::parcelType &pB) const =0PairModel< CloudType >pure virtual
New(const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner)PairModel< CloudType >static
nSubCycles() const =0PairModel< CloudType >pure virtual
owner() const PairModel< CloudType >
PairModel(const dictionary &dict, CloudType &owner, const word &type)PairModel< CloudType >
TypeName("pairModel")PairModel< CloudType >
~PairModel()PairModel< CloudType >virtual