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autoPtr< basicThermo > thermo (basicThermo::New(mesh))
volScalarField rho (IOobject( "rho", runTime.timeName(), mesh ), thermo->rho())
 if (isA< fluidThermo >(thermo()))


const volScalarField & h = thermo->he()
 Planck constant. More...
autoPtr< volVectorField > UPtr
autoPtr< surfaceScalarField > phiPtr
autoPtr< compressible::turbulenceModel > turbulence

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autoPtr<basicThermo> thermo ( basicThermo::New(mesh )
volScalarField rho ( IOobject( "rho", runTime.timeName(), mesh ,
thermo->  rho() 
if ( isA< fluidThermo >  thermo())

Definition at line 25 of file createFields.H.

References mesh, Foam::compressible::New(), phi, phiPtr, rho, thermo, U(), and UPtr.

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const volScalarField& h = thermo->he()

Planck constant.

Definition at line 6 of file createFields.H.

autoPtr<volVectorField> UPtr

Definition at line 21 of file createFields.H.

Referenced by if().

autoPtr<surfaceScalarField> phiPtr

Definition at line 22 of file createFields.H.

Referenced by if().

autoPtr<compressible::turbulenceModel> turbulence