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autoPtr< phaseSystem::heatTransferTable > heatTransferPtr (fluid.heatTransfer())
 forAll (phases, phasei)
fluid correctThermo ()


phaseSystem::heatTransferTable & heatTransfer = heatTransferPtr()

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autoPtr<phaseSystem::heatTransferTable> heatTransferPtr ( fluid.  heatTransfer())
forAll ( phases  ,
Initial value:
autoPtr<PtrList<volVectorField> > Fs = fluid.Fs()
multiphaseSystem & fluid
Definition: createFields.H:10

Definition at line 9 of file EEqns.H.

References Foam::constant::atomic::alpha, EEqn(), Foam::endl(), fluid, fvOptions, g, Foam::Info, Foam::max(), Foam::min(), phasei, phases, rho, and U.

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fluid correctThermo ( )

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phaseSystem::heatTransferTable& heatTransfer = heatTransferPtr()

Definition at line 7 of file EEqns.H.

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