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volScalarField kByCp2 ("kByCp2", alpha2 *(k2/Cp2/rho2+nut2/Prt))
fvScalarMatrix T1Eqn (fvm::ddt(alpha1, T1)+fvm::div(alphaPhi1, T1)-fvm::laplacian(kByCp1, T1)==heatTransferCoeff *T2/Cp1/rho1-fvm::Sp(heatTransferCoeff/Cp1/rho1, T1)+alpha1 *Dp1Dt/Cp1/rho1)
fvScalarMatrix T2Eqn (fvm::ddt(alpha2, T2)+fvm::div(alphaPhi2, T2)-fvm::laplacian(kByCp2, T2)==heatTransferCoeff *T1/Cp2/rho2-fvm::Sp(heatTransferCoeff/Cp2/rho2, T2)+alpha2 *Dp2Dt/Cp2/rho2)
T1Eqn relax ()
T1Eqn solve ()


 psi1 = 1.0/(R1*T1)
 psi2 = 1.0/(R2*T2)

Function Documentation

volScalarField kByCp2 ( "kByCp2"  ,
alpha2 k2/Cp2/rho2+nut2/Prt 
fvScalarMatrix T1Eqn ( fvm::ddt(alpha1, T1)+fvm::div(alphaPhi1, T1)-fvm::laplacian(kByCp1, T1)  = =heatTransferCoeff *T2/Cp1/rho1-fvm::Sp(heatTransferCoeff/Cp1/rho1, T1)+alpha1 *Dp1Dt/Cp1/rho1)
fvScalarMatrix T2Eqn ( fvm::ddt(alpha2, T2)+fvm::div(alphaPhi2, T2)-fvm::laplacian(kByCp2, T2)  = =heatTransferCoeff *T1/Cp2/rho2-fvm::Sp(heatTransferCoeff/Cp2/rho2, T2)+alpha2 *Dp2Dt/Cp2/rho2)
T1Eqn relax ( )
T1Eqn solve ( )

Variable Documentation

psi1 = 1.0/(R1*T1)

Definition at line 34 of file TEqns.H.

Referenced by if(), and while().

psi2 = 1.0/(R2*T2)

Definition at line 35 of file TEqns.H.

Referenced by kOmegaSST< BasicTurbulenceModel >::blend(), if(), and while().