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alphaEqnSubCycle.H File Reference
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surfaceScalarField phir (mesh.Sf()&fvc::interpolate(UdmModel.Udm()))
 if (nAlphaSubCycles > 1)


 rho = mixture.rho()

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surfaceScalarField phir ( mesh.  Sf)&fvc::interpolate(UdmModel.Udm())
if ( nAlphaSubCycles  ,

Definition at line 19 of file alphaEqnSubCycle.H.

References alpha1, alphaPhi(), mesh, nAlphaSubCycles(), and phi.

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Definition at line 47 of file alphaEqnSubCycle.H.

rho = mixture.rho()

Definition at line 193 of file alphaEqnSubCycle.H.