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setRegionSolidFields.H File Reference

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 if (!thermo.isotropic())


fvMesh & mesh = solidRegions[i]
solidThermo & thermo = thermos[i]
tmp< volScalarField > trho = thermo.rho()
const volScalarField & rho = trho()
tmp< volScalarField > tcp = thermo.Cp()
const volScalarField & cp = tcp()
tmp< volSymmTensorField > taniAlpha
volScalarField & h = thermo.he()
 Planck constant. More...
const volScalarField & betav = betavSolid[i]
fv::IOoptionList & fvOptions = solidHeatSources[i]

Function Documentation

if ( !thermo.  isotropic())

Definition at line 11 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

References aniAlphas(), coordinates(), cp, and thermo.

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Variable Documentation

fvMesh& mesh = solidRegions[i]

Definition at line 1 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

solidThermo& thermo = thermos[i]

Definition at line 2 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

Referenced by if().

tmp<volScalarField> trho = thermo.rho()
const volScalarField& rho = trho()

Definition at line 5 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

tmp<volScalarField> tcp = thermo.Cp()

Definition at line 7 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

Referenced by forAll().

const volScalarField& cp = tcp()
tmp<volSymmTensorField> taniAlpha

Definition at line 10 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

Referenced by if().

volScalarField& h = thermo.he()
const volScalarField& betav = betavSolid[i]

Definition at line 30 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.

Referenced by if(), and while().

fv::IOoptionList& fvOptions = solidHeatSources[i]

Definition at line 32 of file setRegionSolidFields.H.