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thermo rho ()-
volScalarField rAU (1.0/UEqn.A())
surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ("rhorAUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU))
volVectorField HbyA ("HbyA", U)
 if (pimple.transonic())
MRF makeRelative (fvc::interpolate(rho), phiHbyA)
fvScalarMatrix pDDtEqn (fvc::ddt(rho)+psi *correction(fvm::ddt(p))+fvc::div(phiHbyA)==fvOptions(psi, p,
 while (pimple.correctNonOrthogonal())
U correctBoundaryConditions ()
fvOptions correct (U)
 if (thermo.dpdt())


 HbyA = rAU*UEqn.H()
 U = HbyA - rAU*fvc::grad(p)
 K = 0.5*magSqr(U)

Function Documentation

thermo rho ( )
volScalarField rAU ( 1.0/UEqn.  A())
surfaceScalarField rhorAUf ( "rhorAUf"  ,
fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU  
volVectorField HbyA ( "HbyA"  ,
if ( pimple.  transonic())
MRF makeRelative ( fvc::interpolate(rho ,
fvScalarMatrix pDDtEqn ( fvc::ddt(rho)+psi *correction(fvm::ddt(p))+fvc::div(phiHbyA = =fvOptions(psip,

Referenced by if(), and while().

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while ( pimple.  correctNonOrthogonal())

Definition at line 76 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::fvc::laplacian(), mesh, p, phi, pimple, psi, rhorAUf(), and thermo.

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U correctBoundaryConditions ( )
fvOptions correct ( U  )
if ( thermo.  dpdt())

Definition at line 104 of file pEqn.H.

References Foam::fvc::ddt(), and dpdt.

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Variable Documentation

HbyA = rAU*UEqn.H()

Definition at line 12 of file pEqn.H.

Initial value:
Definition: pEqn.H:20
tmp< GeometricField< typename flux< Type >::type, fvsPatchField, surfaceMesh > > ddtCorr(const GeometricField< Type, fvPatchField, volMesh > &U, const GeometricField< Type, fvsPatchField, surfaceMesh > &Uf)
Definition: fvcDdt.C:155
tmp< surfaceScalarField > interpolate(const RhoType &rho)
dynamicFvMesh & mesh
GeometricField< scalar, fvsPatchField, surfaceMesh > surfaceScalarField
surfaceScalarField rhorAUf("rhorAUf", fvc::interpolate(rho *rAU))
Definition: pEqn.H:21
Definition: pEqn.H:1
Definition: pEqn.H:82
Definition: pEqn.H:7

Definition at line 56 of file pEqn.H.

U = HbyA - rAU*fvc::grad(p)

Definition at line 99 of file pEqn.H.

K = 0.5*magSqr(U)

Definition at line 102 of file pEqn.H.