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1  Info<< "\nCreate databases as time" << endl;
3  HashTable<string> srcOptions(args.options());
4  srcOptions.erase("case");
5  srcOptions.insert("case", fileName(rootDirSource/caseDirSource));
7  argList argsSrc(args, srcOptions, false, false, false);
8  if (!argsSrc.checkRootCase())
9  {
10  FatalError.exit();
11  }
13  Time runTimeSource(Time::controlDictName, argsSrc);
15  Time runTimeTarget(Time::controlDictName, args);
const Foam::HashTable< string > & options() const
Return options.
Definition: argListI.H:96
void exit(const int errNo=1)
Exit : can be called for any error to exit program.
Definition: error.C:125
Ostream & endl(Ostream &os)
Add newline and flush stream.
Definition: Ostream.H:251
messageStream Info
error FatalError
Time runTimeSource(Time::controlDictName, argsSrc)
Info<< "\nCreate databases as time"<< endl;HashTable< string > srcOptions(args.options())
Time runTimeTarget(Time::controlDictName, args)
argList argsSrc(args, srcOptions, false, false, false)
Foam::argList args(argc, argv)