entry Member List

This is the complete list of members for entry, including all inherited members.

clone(const dictionary &parentDict) const =0entrypure virtual
clone() constentryvirtual
dict() const =0entrypure virtual
dict()=0entrypure virtual
endLineNumber() const =0entrypure virtual
entry(const keyType &)entry
entry(const entry &)entry
isDict() constentryinlinevirtual
isStream() constentryinlinevirtual
keyword() constentryinline
name() const =0entrypure virtual
name()=0entrypure virtual
New(dictionary &parentDict, Istream &)entrystatic
New(Istream &is)entrystatic
operator!=(const entry &) constentry
operator<<(Ostream &, const entry &)entryfriend
operator=(const entry &)entry
operator==(const entry &) constentry
startLineNumber() const =0entrypure virtual
stream() const =0entrypure virtual
write(Ostream &) const =0entrypure virtual