decomposedBlockData Member List

This is the complete list of members for decomposedBlockData, including all inherited members.

append(const char &)List< char >inline
append(const UList< char > &)List< char >inline
append(const UIndirectList< char > &)List< char >inline
AUTO_WRITE enum valueIOobject
BAD enum valueIOobject
bad() constIOobjectinline
begin()UList< T >inline
begin() constUList< T >inline
byteSize() constUList< T >
calcNumProcs(const label comm, const off_t maxBufferSize, const labelUList &recvSizes, const label startProci)decomposedBlockDataprotectedstatic
caseName() constregIOobject
caseName(const bool global) constregIOobject
Foam::IOobject::caseName(const bool global) constIOobject
cbegin() constUList< T >inline
cdata() constUList< T >inline
cend() constUList< T >inline
checkIndex(const label i) constUList< T >inline
checkSize(const label size) constUList< T >inline
checkStart(const label start) constUList< T >inline
clear()List< char >inline
Foam::clone() constIOobjectinline
Foam::clone(const objectRegistry &registry) constIOobjectinline
List< char >::clone() constList< char >inline
const_iterator typedefUList< T >
const_reference typedefUList< T >
const_reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
crbegin() constUList< T >inline
crend() constUList< T >inline
data()UList< T >inline
db() constIOobject
decomposedBlockData(const label comm, const IOobject &, const UPstream::commsTypes=UPstream::commsTypes::scheduled)decomposedBlockData
decomposedBlockData(const label comm, const IOobject &, const UList< char > &, const UPstream::commsTypes=UPstream::commsTypes::scheduled)decomposedBlockData
decomposedBlockData(const label comm, const IOobject &, List< char > &&, const UPstream::commsTypes=UPstream::commsTypes::scheduled)decomposedBlockData
deepCopy(const UList< T > &)UList< T >
difference_type typedefUList< T >
empty() constUList< T >inline
end()UList< T >inline
end() constUList< T >inline
eventNo() constregIOobjectinline
fcIndex(const label i) constUList< T >inline
fileCheckTypes enum nameIOobject
fileNameComponents(const fileName &path, fileName &instance, fileName &local, word &name)IOobjectstatic
filePath() constregIOobject
filePath(const word &typeName, const bool global) constregIOobject
Foam::IOobject::filePath(const word &typeName, const bool global) constIOobject
first()UList< T >inline
first() constUList< T >inline
gather(const label comm, const label data, labelList &datas)decomposedBlockDatastatic
gatherSlaveData(const label comm, const UList< char > &data, const labelUList &recvSizes, const label startProc, const label nProcs, List< int > &recvOffsets, List< char > &recvData)decomposedBlockDatastatic
global() constregIOobjectvirtual
globalFile() constregIOobjectvirtual
good() constIOobjectinline
GOOD enum valueIOobject
group(const word &name)IOobjectstatic
group() constIOobject
groupName(Name name, const word &group)IOobjectinlinestatic
groupName(Name name, const word &group)IOobjectinline
headerClassName() constIOobjectinline
info() constIOobjectinline
inotify enum valueIOobject
inotifyMaster enum valueIOobject
instance() constIOobject
IOobject(const word &name, const fileName &instance, const objectRegistry &registry, readOption r=NO_READ, writeOption w=NO_WRITE, bool registerObject=true)IOobject
IOobject(const word &name, const fileName &instance, const fileName &local, const objectRegistry &registry, readOption r=NO_READ, writeOption w=NO_WRITE, bool registerObject=true)IOobject
IOobject(const fileName &path, const objectRegistry &registry, readOption r=NO_READ, writeOption w=NO_WRITE, bool registerObject=true)IOobject
IOobject(const IOobject &io, const objectRegistry &registry)IOobject
IOobject(const IOobject &io, const word &name)IOobject
IOobject(const IOobject &io)=defaultIOobject
iterator typedefUList< T >
last()UList< T >inline
last() constUList< T >inline
List()List< char >inline
List(const label)List< char >explicit
List(const label, const char &)List< char >
List(const label, const zero)List< char >
List(const List< char > &)List< char >
List(const UList< T2 > &)List< char >explicit
List(List< char > &&)List< char >
List(List< char > &, bool reuse)List< char >
List(const UList< char > &, const labelUList &mapAddressing)List< char >
List(InputIterator first, InputIterator last)List< char >
List(const FixedList< char, Size > &)List< char >explicit
List(const PtrList< char > &)List< char >explicit
List(const SLList< char > &)List< char >explicit
List(const UIndirectList< char > &)List< char >explicit
List(const BiIndirectList< char > &)List< char >explicit
List(std::initializer_list< char >)List< char >
List(Istream &)List< char >
local() constIOobjectinline
max_size() constUList< T >inline
member(const word &name)IOobjectstatic
member() constIOobject
modified() constregIOobjectvirtual
MUST_READ enum valueIOobject
MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED enum valueIOobject
name() constIOobjectinline
newElmt(const label)List< char >inline
NO_READ enum valueIOobject
NO_WRITE enum valueIOobject
note() constIOobjectinline
null()List< char >inlinestatic
numBlocks(const fileName &)decomposedBlockDatastatic
objectPath() constregIOobjectinline
objectPath(const bool global) constregIOobjectinline
Foam::IOobject::objectPath(const bool global) constIOobjectinline
objectState enum nameIOobject
operator const Foam::List< T > &() constUList< T >inline
operator!=(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
operator<(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
operator<=(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
Foam::operator=(const IOobject &)regIOobject
Foam::operator=(const regIOobject &)=deleteregIOobject
List< char >::operator=(const UList< char > &)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(const List< char > &)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(List< char > &&)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(const SLList< char > &)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(const UIndirectList< char > &)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(const BiIndirectList< char > &)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(std::initializer_list< char >)List< char >
List< char >::operator=(const char &)List< char >inline
List< char >::operator=(const zero)List< char >inline
operator==(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
operator>(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
operator>=(const UList< T > &) constUList< T >
operator[](const label)UList< T >inline
operator[](const label) constUList< T >inline
operator[](const label i) constUList< T >inline
ownedByRegistry() constregIOobjectinline
path() constregIOobject
path(const bool global) constregIOobject
Foam::IOobject::path(const bool global) constIOobject
rbegin()UList< T >inline
rbegin() constUList< T >inline
rcIndex(const label i) constUList< T >inline
READ_IF_PRESENT enum valueIOobject
readBlock(const label blocki, Istream &is, IOobject &headerIO)decomposedBlockDatastatic
readBlocks(const label comm, autoPtr< ISstream > &isPtr, List< char > &data, const UPstream::commsTypes commsType)decomposedBlockDataprotectedstatic
readBlocks(const label comm, const fileName &fName, autoPtr< ISstream > &isPtr, IOobject &headerIO, const UPstream::commsTypes commsType)decomposedBlockDatastatic
readData(Istream &)regIOobjectvirtual
readHeader(Istream &)IOobject
readHeaderOk(const IOstream::streamFormat defaultFormat, const word &typeName)regIOobjectprotected
readMasterHeader(IOobject &, Istream &)decomposedBlockDatastatic
readOpt() constIOobjectinline
readOption enum nameIOobject
readStream(const word &, const bool read=true)regIOobject
reference typedefUList< T >
regIOobject(const IOobject &, const bool isTime=false)regIOobject
regIOobject(const regIOobject &)regIOobject
regIOobject(const regIOobject &&)regIOobject
regIOobject(const regIOobject &, bool registerCopy)regIOobject
regIOobject(const word &newName, const regIOobject &, bool registerCopy)regIOobject
regIOobject(const IOobject &, const regIOobject &)regIOobject
registered() constregIOobjectinline
registerObject() constIOobjectinline
relativeObjectPath() constIOobjectinline
relativePath() constIOobject
rename(const word &newName)regIOobjectvirtual
rend()UList< T >inline
rend() constUList< T >inline
resize(const label)List< char >inline
resize(const label, const char &)List< char >inline
reverse_iterator typedefUList< T >
rootPath() constIOobject
setBad(const string &)IOobjectprotected
setSize(const label)List< char >
setSize(const label, const char &)List< char >
shallowCopy(const UList< char > &)=deleteList< char >
Foam::UList::shallowCopy(const UList< T > &)UList< T >inline
size(const label)List< char >inlineprotected
size() constList< char >inline
size_type typedefUList< T >
store(Type *)regIOobjectinlinestatic
store(autoPtr< Type > &)regIOobjectinlinestatic
subList typedefList< char >
swap(UList< T > &)UList< T >
time() constIOobject
timeStamp enum valueIOobject
timeStampMaster enum valueIOobject
transfer(List< char > &)List< char >
transfer(DynamicList< char, SizeInc, SizeMult, SizeDiv > &)List< char >
transfer(SortableList< char > &)List< char >
typeHeaderOk(const bool checkType)IOobjectprotected
UList()UList< T >inline
UList(T *__restrict__ v, label size)UList< T >inline
UList(const UList< T > &)=defaultUList< T >inline
updateInstance() constIOobject
upToDate(const regIOobject &) constregIOobject
upToDate(const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &) constregIOobject
upToDate(const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &) constregIOobject
upToDate(const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &, const regIOobject &) constregIOobject
value_type typedefUList< T >
warnNoRereading() constIOobject
watchIndices() constregIOobjectinline
write(const bool write=true) constregIOobjectvirtual
writeBanner(Stream &os, bool noHint=false)IOobjectinlinestatic
writeBlocks(const label comm, autoPtr< OSstream > &osPtr, List< std::streamoff > &start, const UList< char > &masterData, const labelUList &recvSizes, const PtrList< SubList< char >> &slaveData, const UPstream::commsTypes, const bool syncReturnState=true)decomposedBlockDatastatic
writeData(Ostream &) constdecomposedBlockDatavirtual
writeDivider(Stream &os)IOobjectinlinestatic
writeEndDivider(Stream &os)IOobjectinlinestatic
writeHeader(Ostream &os, const IOstream::versionNumber version, const IOstream::streamFormat format, const word &type, const string &note, const fileName &location, const word &name)decomposedBlockDatastatic
Foam::regIOobject::writeHeader(Ostream &) constIOobject
Foam::regIOobject::writeHeader(Ostream &, const word &objectType) constIOobject
writeObject(IOstream::streamFormat, IOstream::versionNumber, IOstream::compressionType, const bool write) constdecomposedBlockDatavirtual
writeOpt() constIOobjectinline
writeOption enum nameIOobject
~List()List< char >