Switch Member List

This is the complete list of members for Switch, including all inherited members.

asText() constSwitch
lookupOrAddToDict(const word &, dictionary &, const Switch &defaultValue=false)Switchstatic
operator bool() constSwitchinline
operator++(switchType &x)Switchfriend
operator<<(Ostream &, const Switch &)Switchfriend
operator=(const switchType sw)Switchinline
operator=(const bool b)Switchinline
operator>>(Istream &, Switch &)Switchfriend
readIfPresent(const word &, const dictionary &)Switch
Switch(const switchType sw)Switchinline
Switch(const bool b)Switchinline
Switch(const int i)Switchinline
Switch(const std::string &str, const bool allowInvalid=false)Switchinline
Switch(const char *str, const bool allowInvalid=false)Switchinline
Switch(Istream &is)Switch
switchType enum nameSwitch
toInt(const switchType x)Switchinlinestatic
valid() constSwitch