SolverPerformance< Type > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SolverPerformance< Type >, including all inherited members.

checkConvergence(const Type &tolerance, const Type &relTolerance)SolverPerformance< Type >
checkSingularity(const Type &residual)SolverPerformance< Type >
ClassName("SolverPerformance")SolverPerformance< Type >
converged() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
fieldName() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
finalResidual() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
finalResidual()SolverPerformance< Type >inline
Foam::max(const SolverPerformance< Type > &, const SolverPerformance< Type > &)SolverPerformance< Type >friend
great_SolverPerformance< Type >static
initialResidual() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
initialResidual()SolverPerformance< Type >inline
max()SolverPerformance< Type >
max()SolverPerformance< Type >
max()SolverPerformance< Type >
nIterations() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
nIterations()SolverPerformance< Type >inline
operator(Ostream &, const SolverPerformance< Type > &)SolverPerformance< Type >friend
operator!=(const SolverPerformance< Type > &) constSolverPerformance< Type >
operator>>(Istream &, SolverPerformance< Type > &)SolverPerformance< Type >friend
print(Ostream &os) constSolverPerformance< Type >
replace(const label cmpt, const SolverPerformance< typename pTraits< Type >::cmptType > &sp)SolverPerformance< Type >
singular() constSolverPerformance< Type >
small_SolverPerformance< Type >static
solverName() constSolverPerformance< Type >inline
solverName()SolverPerformance< Type >inline
SolverPerformance()SolverPerformance< Type >inline
SolverPerformance(const word &solverName, const word &fieldName, const Type &iRes=pTraits< Type >::zero, const Type &fRes=pTraits< Type >::zero, const labelType &nIter=pTraits< labelType >::zero, const bool converged=false, const bool singular=false)SolverPerformance< Type >inline
vsmall_SolverPerformance< Type >static